Thursday, May 14, 2009

This is my favorite picture of him right now.

Here we have Benjamin's first official baseball game, Byu vs. some other team who doesn't matter because they didn't win. As you can see, Ben is too focused on the game to look at the camera. Go cougars.

On May 3, Carl and I celebrated our 1st anniversary together. It was a perfect weekend, we went and had a couples massage, and Carl made me a video of pictures of us to music, including the song he wrote for me when we got married. It's a tear jerker. Maybe I'll post it someday. We also got to bless Ben at church that day. It was perfect.

On his blessing day, 4 generations. And Bill begat Bryce who begat Carl who begat Ben.

On April 24th, Carl graduated Magna Cum Laude from BYU in Linguistics. The night before, Ben only let me sleep 3 hours (enter tired eyes) and Carl was running a fever of 102.


ashley said...

It took some doing, but I found you. Just go ahead and change the URL on me.

And might I just comment on the wedding group picture. Namely me unaware a photo was being taken, and mostly so that you check out Chel's smile. LOVE it! And I love you, Chel. (You know me and my obsession with up-close viewing of photos and all...)

Here's to one year down and many more to come!

Kylene said...

No wonder I haven't seen you for a while! Life gets super busy when you add a husband and baby to the mix, doesn't it?! ;) I love you guys! Happy Anniversary & Baby Blessing, too! So sorry we couldn't make the blessing :( Did you get my text? Apparently my new phone is faulty than my last new phone. The kids had the flu that weekend, bad. Anywho, at least I'll keep in touch w/you this way since I don't get to see you as much as I'd like anymore! ;) LOVE, love, love you Debbie, Carl, and Benjamin!!! <3

Kylene said...

Oh and congratulations, Carl!!! You're also my hero, but for different reasons.

tmiller said...

Hey Debbie, Looking good! Are you sure you just had a baby? Can't wait to see yo this summer! Do you know when you are coming down? Love Ya!

Wendy said...

horray for starting a blog. now i can keep tabs on you whether you like it or not. i too noticed the funny wedding picture. it looks good of you and carl though- which is all that really matters.