Friday, January 29, 2010

Our first night in our new home.

The color here is the color we chose for Ben's room and the office

Guest Bath
Notice the sea shell wall paper and the pink plastic shower rod. When we moved in there was a matching shower curtain. You won't see it here, because we took it down immediatly. We appreciated the thought, but why, oh why did they leave their old shower curtain for us?

He's only smiling because I told him to. Scraping off wall paper actually is not fun.
No more sea shells!

We took out the mirror and slider cabinet underneath and replaced them with a 36" white trim medicine cabinet with the triple mirror (perfect for doing your hair). Replaced the shower rod, ripped out the caulking around the sink, recaulked the sink and shower, and painted the walls green, and the base boards bright white.

Here is our room. The only thing that's different in here is the paint, so for a "before" picture just imagine dirty white walls. There's a part above the closet that's not quite finished. And we still need to hang our pictures.


Wendy said...

congrats on the house! how exciting! it is looking great- lets see some more photos!

Emily said...

Deb.....I thought you loved seashells. haha! Miss you friend, love the house. Call me!!