Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bliggity Bloggity Blah

You know how at the top of the page of the HYMNs, it gives you a suggested emotion and tempo with which to sing the song? Well since you can't hear my emotion as I think the following post, and I don't care to be misinterpreted, I suggest that you read this blog with the sarcasm and wit with which it was intended. 140 wpm.

I'm starting to realize just how huge all this blog stuff is, and how I can't quite measure up. Remember the good old days when the big thing that made moms so cute and creative was scrapbooking? Back when you could kind of fake it, cuz it's not like anyone could actually access your scrapbook through the magic of the world wide web? Well, that's all gone. Now you're a quick click away from seeing just how on-top-of-it all the other cyber moms are, and whether or not they truly have the cutest blog on the block. I really don't know how you all keep up with it. Between scrubbing poop out of half of Ben's clothes, trying not to burn dinner, figuring out the perfect schedule for nap time, and looking up where I can find the cheapest cereal and bananas, I'm supposed to find time to tell everyone what I did that day?... oh, and here's a few dozen pictures of my family? Well, the answer is: OF COURSE. And so, I must, at least if I expect to keep any of the friendships I've made throughout the years. And because I seem to offend my friends if I ask them, "What've you been up to?" and i get a response close to, "Haven't you read it in my blog?" oops. Wouldn't want to loose the closeness and personalness (I am aware that isn't a word, but my linguistic husband isn't home to give me help) of our relationship. Yes Blogging. It's what all supermoms do. Maybe it's the pressure, maybe it's a good outlet, or maybe it's this hidden and burning desire to be discovered like that Julie What'sherface, and have our life made into a movie and become loved and adored by all the world. (And rich. Let's not forget rich.) And so, I join the elite group, trying so desperately to tread water. Here we go.


tmiller said...

Oh Deb you are so funny! I was just thinking today that I haven't had time lately to update my blog! I have a bunch of pictures on my camera! I think that blogging can become over whelming if you let it. I just have to remember that I do it for my self, and it's kind of like journaling!

ashley said...

I agree with Becky - I print my blog every year and call it my journal. That way Josh quits hounding me to actually write in one. And I just really it like when you post something new cause I don't get to watch you as a mom or see your kid grow up in person, but I can see the pictures, read your stories, and watch the videos.

Kylene said...

LOL! I love you, Debbie! Just don't get too caught up in blogging, there are better ways to spend your time! ;)