Friday, June 4, 2010

Oh, yeah... blogging...

Some highlights from the last several weeks:

-Our laundry room is done!
-Carl went to Malta for a whole week for a Linguistics conference to present his paper that he recently had published. Yay Carl.
-Debbie's new calling is the Primary 1st counselor
-Carl's new calling is the Young Mens president
-Ben still doesn't have a calling
-Our kitchen cupboards had a face lift
-We have a garden
-2 year anniversary in Vegas
-Ben's 1 year checkup
-Ben is officially "cruising."( Yeah, it's a real term)

Luckily, I know how to adjust the date for the blog postings, so none of you will ever know I fell behind. Now I just need to blog about all these fun things...

1 comment:

tmiller said...

Even though you change the dates It still shows up in my blog update at the time it is really posted! But nice try trying to pull one over on us! See ya soon!:)