Sunday, July 18, 2010

Growing Up

And now 2 quick videos by request. What Ben's fans want, Ben's fans get.

Lately, Ben's been doing a bit of light reading. He'll open up a book, and for several minutes turn pages, talk, and point. His favorite is "Hop on Pop" - or in his words "hop hop pop pop" or something like that. I just got the end of it on video, but it's fun I think. Also, when he's done with something he will often wave and say "see ya" or something close. Sometimes it's "syaa," "saa," or just "yaa."

On June 24th Benjamin took his first steps. 15 months old and we're there! He's better now than in this video, but it's the best one we have so far. P.S. he would always much rather scoot.


Stacey said...

Ben is soooo cute!! He's such a good walker and I LOVE his onesies!

ashley said...

Dude, nothing since July? You must be pregnant.