Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'd like to dedicate this post to Matt and Jill. After skyping on Sunday mom told me that was the first time you'd ever seen Paige, to which I replied "It's not my fault their not on facebook. I of course got in trouble and mom told me it's not hard to just "slap up a picture." So, there... if I can't update my blog for the birth of our first daughter, at least here's a little something for you. I will attempt to fill in a few gaps between my last post and now.

My two favorite boys at the park last fall.

Ben needs his alone time so he can get some reading done.

Saturday, August 7th 2010. A positive test!
Boy? Girl? Who knows! So exciting!

Ben's 2nd Halloween. He was a lion (or yigh-yigh as he called it).

He learned the word "cookie" this weekend. I was pretty sad about it.

Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Christensen's. Ben is opening up his first (children's) Book of Mormon, or if you ask Ben, Booka Women's stories.

My favorite present was a children's book Carl got me; my favorite book growing up, titled "When I have a Little Girl." I'm 5 months pregnant here. We found out just before Thanksgiving what we were having.

8 months along, and Ben can't wait. Neither can mommy.

The night before I was induced.

Our last night as a family of 3.

March 29th, 8:44 am, I met the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. 7lbs 12 oz, 19" long. This is her first picture.

Ah the greasy shot when they don't quite look human...

Yeay, we love her.

The first time I held her.

Paige Rebekah Christensen

Leaving the hospital.

Her first bath.

Grandpa Miller

Ben had so much fun in our backyard this summer. He loved picking butterflies (or dandelions).

Just a few days old.

Carl's best friend growing up was Jonny. He and his beautiful wife Kelly had their first baby, Svea just 10 weeks after we had Paige.

Having fun in our pool outside.

So tired.

My kids? Look alike? Naw...

We forgot how much newborns sleep...

And how they make everyone else want to sleep.

Bff Kylene with their new little girl, Elena.

Delicious fruity pebbles.

And her first hat.

On September 28th, 2007, Carl and I went out on our first date to Applebee's. Every year we go back on the same night with our friends, Jon and Cheryl who were with us on the first date. They were just dating then, and ended up getting married, too!

Which brings us to last night, we went to play at the park. Our kids are now 2 1/2 and 6 months.

Our little Paige is such a blessing. She is a very happy baby, and has to endure a lot of torture from her very rambunctious older brother. We love her SO much and thank God for her and our family every day.

They're perfect. I love them.

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Jill said...

Yay! Thanks for the post...it is fun to catch up on the first few months of Paige's life :)